This feature can be used to specify custom crop masks for Content Studio. By default, Content Studio offers a number of standard masks for cropping images. One of these masks, called Free crop, can be reshaped, but all the others (Landscape, Portrait and so on) have fixed aspect ratios. If these fixed crops masks do not meet your needs, then you can define crop masks of your own by specifying studio.crop features like this:


  • name is the name to be displayed in Content Studio.

  • width is the relative width of the crop mask.

  • height is the relative width of the crop mask.

For example:


Note that If you specify a custom crop map in this way, then it replaces all the default fixed crop masks. So even if you only want to add one custom crop mask to the list, you will probably need to define several studio.crop features: one to define your custom crop mask, plus several others to recreate the default crop masks that you use.