Add Further Layers

If you want, you can add further layers to create an even more flexible configuration system. To add an extra configuration layer between the family layer and the host layer, for example, you would need to:

  1. Open /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/ in a text editor.

  2. Change this setting:



  3. Add a property defining your new layer (we'll call it "group") as layer 05:

  4. Create two new .properties files: /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/group/ and /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/group/ /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/group/ should contain the following:


    and /opt/escenic/assemblytool/conf/group/ should contain:

    fileSystemRoot = /etc/escenic/engine/group/${}
  5. You can now create group configuration layers in exactly the same way as you created host and family layers, and use system properties to select the required layer in the same way.

  6. Run the assembly tool.

  7. Deploy the results.

  8. Restart.

The bootstrap layer will never be overwritten by the assembly tool once it has been created, so any changes you make are persistent. If the bootstrap layer should ever be deleted, however, a new one can be created by running the assembly tool's initialize target.

Do not insert your own layers below layer 03.