Cloud Storage Configuration

You can set up the Content Engine to use cloud storage systems for storage of binary objects instead of local disks. Currently Amazon S3 is the only cloud storage provider supported To be able to use a cloud storage system you need to:

  1. Set up an account with the cloud provider and get the credentials you need to access the storage. For Amazon S3, the credentials consist of a Bucket ID, an access key and a secret key.

  2. Create and configure a storage provider component (S3FileProvider for Amazon S3) component in one of your configuration layers (usually the common configuration layer).

  3. In the same configuration layer, create and configure one or more FileSystemConfiguration components defining how the storage provider is to be used.

  4. In the same configuration layer, configure the Storage component to make use of the components you have configured.

Setting up an Amazon S3 storage account

The process of setting up an Amazon S3 account is straightforward and fully documented by Amazon, so it is not covered here. Just make sure that:

  • You get an S3 Bucket with "read-after-write" consistency for new objects. As of February 2014 Amazon do not offer this level of data consistency in all regions, so you need to check.

  • You have the following items of information about your account:

    • Bucket ID

    • Access key

    • Secret key