Install The Demo Publication

To install the demo publication:

  1. Copy escenic-home/plugins/poll/wars/poll-demo.war to escenic-home/assemblytool/publications/poll-demo.war.

  2. Create a file in the escenic-home/assemblytool/publications folder with the following contents:

  3. Rebuild and deploy the Content Engine.

  4. Restart the Content Engine.

  5. Open the Escenic Admin web application (usually located at http://server/escenic-admin).

  6. Select New Pubs and use the displayed form to upload poll-demo.war.

  7. Select create a publication.

  8. Enter a name (poll-demo) and administrator password for the publication in the displayed form.

  9. Select Submit.

  10. A publication information page for the new publication should now be listed. To open the publication, click on the link under the heading Browse the publication.

The demo publication has no content, so all you will see when you open it is a W3C XHTML logo. For a description of how to test the demo publication, see Test The Demo Publication.