Teaser view

Displays a content item teaser, like the Teaser widget. In fact, a Teaser view generates almost identical markup to a Teaser widget (see Teaser widget ). A Teaser view, however, has no "back-end" for retrieving content items from the Content Engine and cannot be used on its own. You cannot place a Teaser view directly in a template.

Instead, a Teaser view must always be used in combination with a Content Body widget, View Picker widget, Teaser Grid widget or Search Component widget. To use a Teaser view once you have configured it, you must drop it on the Related view field of one the above widgets. The idea is that you drop several differently configured Teaser views onto the Related view field of a View Picker widget (for example) and then configure them to select different types of content item from the View Picker's data source. In this way the View Picker is able to present different types of content item in different ways.

A Teaser View, therefore has two different sets of properties that are configured in different ways:

  • Properties that govern the Teaser View's appearance and behavior when rendered. These are more or less the same as the Teaser widget's properties, and are edited in the normal way

  • Properties that govern the selection of content items from an owning widget's Data Source. These properties can only be edited after the Teaser View has been dropped on a View Picker or Search Component widget.