Preview a Template

You can preview a template you are working on in Content Studio in just the same way as editors can preview content items and section pages. The main difference is that in order to preview a template, you need to supply some content as well. Therefore, when you display a templates Preview tab, the options panel on the right contains an additional Widget Framework section where you can specify the content you want to use for preview purposes:


You can simply drop a content item or content section page from one of your publications in the Content field, or select one you have used earlier from the corresponding Recent field. Valid content depends on the type of template you are previewing.

  • Content template: Only content items are allowed.

  • Section template: Only sections are allowed.

  • Master template: Both content items and sections are allowed.

  • Content profile root template: Both content items and sections are allowed.

You can change the selected content item or section to see what the template looks like with different content.

The Preview with overlay option determines whether or not overlays (see Overlays) will applied to the preview. By default, this option is selected. That means that overlays will be applied to the preview if appropriate. Whether or not overlays are actually applied (and in that case, which overlays) depends on what you drop in the Content drop zone. The same rules that determine which overlays are applied to real content are used to determine which overlays are applied to the preview content. If, for example, the template has a publication-specific overlay, then whether or not the template is applied will depend on which publication your chosen preview content belongs to.