Use a Context Section Group

You can use a Context Section group to:

  • Display content from a specific section on the current page

  • Display content from multiple sections on the same page

  • Display content from a content item's owning section on a content page

When used to display content from multiple sections, the Context Section group works in a similar way to the Menu Pane group, in that it relies on a menu created using the Menu Editor plug-in. The Context Section group, however, does not use the menu as a menu, but just as a list of sections.

To use a Context Section group, you place it in the required location on the page and then set the following options:


Set this to either Specific section, Sections in menu (to display content from multiple sections) or Home section of context article (for use on content pages).


If you set Use to Specific section then select the section you want to use as the context section

Menu name

If you set Use to Sections in menu then enter the name of a menu you have created for this publication using the Content Engine's Menu Editor plug-in.

You can now add groups, areas and widgets to the context section group to define the layout. If you set Use to Sections in menu, then the layout you have defined will be repeated for every section in the menu you specified. If you set Use to either Specific section or Home section of context article then the layout will be used only once, to display the content from either the specified section or the current content item's home section.

Lazy loading can be applied to Context Section groups, but only to the group as a whole, not to the individual items (groups, areas and widgets) placed inside it.